In traditional times, there was not as many women in the workforce as there were men. In our more modern society, women make up a huge part of the workforce and play a huge role in it. Men are not the only ones that need a proper business suit, but the ladies need proper business attire as well, especially since some women work in very formal business settings. Proper business attire is a great asset when looking for a job as well as when you get the job; you want to show that you are a professional.

So the first step in looking professional is going out and getting a suit. Once you have found a store that provides formal wear for the ladies, then you will need to pick a jacket style. The most common type of jacket is a simple single breasted jacket, but double breasted suits are also available. After you have chosen the jacket style, you will need to pick out a color and pattern for your suit. All of the classic colors such as navy blue, light or dark grey, or black work well for color choice; black looks exceptionally good. Some women choose to go with a suit that is patterned, if you decide to then the main thing you need to check for, is that the particular pattern lines up at the lapel seams and shoulders of the suit. Now you can focus on the more minor details, such as pockets. There are three main types of pockets; besom, patch and flap. If you want to keep the entire outfit looking formal, then you should go with besom pockets, but if you want to add a casual touch to it, then go with patch pockets.

Now that you have chosen the color and pattern, you will need to pick out a fabric. If you plan to wear this attire only during the summer months, then a cotton or linen suit will cater to you just fine. If you plan to wear it all throughout the year then try to get any type of wool fabric as it is very versatile. Fabrics that have a lot of polyester will not breathe very well and could end up looking like a real cheap suit when you wear it. You do not want the outfit to be wrinkled easily, so crinkle the fabric and see if it stays wrinkled or bounces back, if it bounces back then that is a good sign.

After you have you jacket picked out, you have to decide whether you want to couple that with a skirt or pants. If you cannot decide on whether you want a skirt or pants, then simply buy both to give you two different options. With a formal business job, a skirt suit is the most acceptable option; a traditional pant suit is usually accepted as well but a skirt suit is preferred the most. Since this is the case, it may be more rational to just buy a three piece set instead or a two piece set, that way you will have the jacket, the skirt and a pair of pants. If you choose to buy the pants, you will need to choose a style for the pants. Pleated pants will allow you to move around comfortable while at the same time, keeping it formal. If you want to look slimmer, like most women do, the go with a pair of flat-fronted pants.

Now you can test the jacket to see that it fits properly. A properly fitted jacket should have a collar that lies perfectly flat against your neck and have shoulders that not to boxy or round, but still providing light padding. The sleeves on your jacket should be fitted so that a quarter inch to a half inch of your shirt cuff is visible. Not only does the jacket have to fit properly, but so do the skirt and/or pants. The skirt should flow straight down and you should be able to pull about an inch of fabric away from your hip. The pants should fit properly; the crotch area should lie flat against you if they do fit properly.

Follow everything listed above and you will have you a brand new skirt and/or pants suit that you can wear to an interview, the job setting, or even church if you wanted too. The reason it is important to have a well fitted, nice suit is because that is what people at your job site look for, they want to see that you are a professional and that you are meant to be working there. So go out and get you one or more nice suits and you will be ready to dominate at your job setting.

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