How to Conserve Hot Water

Heating water means that you use a lot of energy thus leading to a high electricity bill. Check for way you can reduce your use of energy and water. Some of the basic steps for saving water are showering instead of taking a bath, make sure that you have appliances which save up energy and last but not least turn off the water when you are rising dishes.

  • Fix any elements which leak water because they do nothing but waste precious water. To check if you have solved the problem check your water meter and come back after a couple of hours and read it again, if the meter is at the same number than your leaking problem has been solved.
  • In most homes the water heater is set at 140 degrees which means a lot of energy consumed and water wasted. A good idea is to turn down your water heater as much as possible. It is known that with every 10 degrees you save up to 5% from the energy bill. The normal temperature of a water heater should be of 120 degrees. Install a system which turn the heater off when you are not using it.
  • Consider taking a shower instead of taking a bath. By doing so you save a lot of water. You should also make your showers shorter and change the shower head with one which reduces the amount of water coming out.
  • We all know that it takes some time for the water to heat. Do not waste the water which runs while you are waiting for the warm water to come: water some plants or flush the toilet.
  • If you want to buy a dish washer consider buying a model which saves energy. You can find a dish washer which consumes less than if you were to wash the dishes by hand.
  • Make sure you buy a washer which is energy efficient

These are some of the ways through which you can conserve hot water in your home. Follow this steps and before you know it you will have an energy efficient house which conserve water and protect the environment. It is important to remember not to let the water running when you are not using it and buy appliances which save water and energy. Before you know it you will save a lot of money on bills.

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