How to protect the walls of a house for this winter

Now that winter is coming, it helps to protect the homes of  weather and moisture, microorganisms, smog and other elements that damage the environment.

Guillermo Zepeda, technical manager of Sipa Paintings, indicates that for a job well done, you have to choose the right product, prepare surface to be treated properly and make a correct application, according to technical instructions, which allow safe and efficient protection of the home.

“Before painting an exterior wall, you must remove all loose or burned by the weather, biodegradable washing liquid detergent remove grease and dirt in general, leaving the sanding and scraping clean surface, then apply sealant Cal Fixer. ”

To paint the walls, you should use enamel facade water Extracubriente water repellent that protects all types of walls, whether concrete, brick, fibro-cement sheets, has fast drying satin finish and resistance to alkalinity of cement and weather, allowing the walls to breathe.

In addition, another alternative to beautify and protect the walls Sipalina moisture is water repellent, a coating used
mainly to hide flaws and imperfections and / or decorate smooth and rough surfaces. Water-based coating is a textured with excellent adhesion to different surfaces. It also has hydrophobic agents that allow you to repel water. Free textures repellents, absorb water and allow the wall with high humidity retained.

For interior walls, showing moisture or water flow with from the outside, it is necessary to verify the validity of the
humidity, then washed with biodegradable detergent liquid remove grease or dirt, sand and scrape to make the surface clean before applying paint.

“Ideal for walls or with residual moisture problems efflorescence and moisture retention, is the Humidity Blocker,
product reacts with moisture, forming a film allows walls to breathe, keeping the salts. It is easy application dry by evaporation of solvents and can be painted over with latex, oil or synthetic enamel. Must be used with the
maximum ventilation and making sure that no spark is generated by Another application site is a Waterproofing Water solution Proof, recommended to protect pressed bricks, stucco eaves and fiber cement sidings, both indoors and outdoors, “says professional.

Finally, to paint roofs, downspouts and gutters of both Zinc or Zinc – aluminum or PVC plastic cement and new or have not been painted, is a coating Acrizinc high technology and user-friendly, water based, which has excellent Quick-drying duration and about an hour. In addition to its PBS colors can be prepared in trigonometric, allowing match the color of the wall with the water down the roof with the channel, or multiple options.

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