How AI can Improve Meeting Management

While it’s clear that meetings in the business world are important, many of them are inefficient. Whether this be a result of them running too long or an inability to capture attention in the digital Zoom setting, organizations are in desperate need of reducing the amount of time and resources wasted as a result of meetings. Improving meeting management has been made exceedingly more easy as a result of innovative technologies, such as artificial intelligence. With AI powered tools, organizations are better able to track employee arrival times to meetings, record these employees’ contributions to meetings and provide comprehensive meeting notes as a call concludes.

These AI powered tools are also improving the efficiency of meetings held in the office through ease of scheduling. Rather than having to waste time finding the perfect place to slot a client call or meeting, this software is capable of processing conference room availability and scheduling accordingly. While what’s mentioned above proves that these artificial intelligence capabilities are able to provide value, there’s much more behind these tools. To learn more about them and the ways they can improve the efficiency of your business, please check out the resource supported alongside this post.

Improve Meeting Management With AI this infographic was contributed by SimpleUC, a premier provider of audio conferencing systems

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