In most business settings, formal attire is usually required for all employees, this way the business can maintain a professional look. When a business looks professional, it will attract the attention of more customers which will increase the amount of money that business brings in, so conveying a sense of professionalism is an important part of any formal business. Typically, a formal business suit is the staple of any business’s dress code, because a business suit can apply to both men and women.

For men, a formal business suit is composed of a jacket, matching pants, and a dress shirt; that is simply a basic suit that is usually accepted by most businesses. A traditionally accepted suit would be either navy blue, light or dark grey, or khaki; traditionally black was considered entirely too formal, but now black is pretty much an accepted color anywhere. So when purchasing a suit, try to keep those colors in mind as you do not want to step onto your job site wearing some outrageous color (for example: lime green). Navy Blue, khaki, light or dark grey and black will always have a professional look associated with them so those would probably be the best options to choose from.

For Women, a formal dress suit is made up of a jacket, matching pants or a skirt, and a blouse. Pant suits are usually accepted by most businesses, but most employers prefer the women to wear skirt suits as it makes them look a lot more professional. When purchasing a formal business suit for a woman, the same principles apply as for a man. The only difference in a woman’s suit is that women have the option of skirts and could probably get away with more colors, such as a rich purple, red, etc.

Now that you have chosen the proper business suit, you can focus on accessories. Regardless of the season, the dress shirt underneath the jacket should be long-sleeved and buttoned up; blouses can usually be anything as long as it looks formal. A lot of businesses do not require you to wear ties, but if you want to keep your professional edge sharp then a tie might be to your advantage. For men, leather slip on or cordovan shoes should be worn with black socks that go up about mid-calf, and a belt that matches the shoes. For women, you should be able to walk comfortable in whichever shoes you wear, so you should probably leave the stilettos or platform shoes at home. Usually with skirts, a type of hosiery is worn. The jewelry, whether you’re a man or a woman, should be kept at a minimum.

If you follow all of those steps, then you will have a professional look fit for any office or business. You could become a vital asset to the business, and if you work hard and keep up your appearance, then your boss just might even give you a promotion. Go out to your local formal clothing store and get fitted for a new suit so you can get out there and show everybody just how professional you are.

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