I am back with some shocking information behind Security Softwares in Market.

As we all know today privacy and security is an issue for everyone.

We use security tools, encryption systems and other methods to secure our sensitive data.

Do you know security softwares available in market are not secure to protect your personal and sensitive data??

According to a research it is found that 90% of security softwares available in market is not secure for personal and professional use.

Now question still remains how can we secure our private data???

Today we will discuss on how can we secure our private data.

I will provide you securest ways to secure your private data.

Step1:- Hide your data behind picture.

Step2:- Now, hide your file using this method. Just follow steps
for your image file.

Step3:- Now open command prompt -> press- windows key + R
In run , type- cmd
now type- cd your-file-location
example- if your file is in d:\vb then type- cd d:\vb

Step4:– Now type- ren      file.exe    file.txt
file.exe is name of exe file you created in step2.
example- ren    secret.exe    private.txt

Now place that  txt file to a location like- C:\Windows\System32.
In C:\Windows\System32 folder you can see many files similar to txt file that means your file will about impossible to found by anyone if you give txt file a name similar to system files like- sysnrdt.txt

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