Home Office Networking

Today, our homes have home offices, multiple computers, printers, modems, and users all trying to get their things done with the limits of yesterday’s technology. It’s tough, frustrating, and on its way out.

Home Office / Home networking gets everything in line, or should we say online like never before. Connecting to the company network, surfing the Web in the living room, talking on the phone in the kitchen, playing a head-to-head video game from separate bedrooms, all at the same time is not only possible it’s easy, unbelievably fast and better than you imagined.

CCT Networks can give your home or home office network shared internet access. An inexpensive firewall protects your home / office computers from unwanted internet intruders, ensuring the privacy of your personal documents and files.

CCT Networks can network your home or home office via:

Ethernet the standard offering 10/100 Mbps of speed
Phone Lines 200 times faster than 56k and no new wiring.
What are the benifits of Home Networking?
It’s easy to set up, it’s easy to use, and the applications are almost endless.

Whether you want to share printers and personal files across the house, access the Internet from multiple locations simultaneously, or battle space mutants shoulder-to-shoulder with your oldest son or daughter, it’s a leap forward that you’ll never regret making.

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