How to move in two weeks

Moving can be a fascinating experience for anyone who is open to new people, new area and new friends. If you need to move in a short period of time that it can become stressful. The key to a perfect move in less than two weeks is to be organized. Make a list with all the thing that you have to solve before you move into you new home, this will keep you on track and remind you at every step what you have to do.

The first thing you need to do when you want to move out of their homes is hiring a moving truck. Because it takes a long time for the truck to come it is a good idea to buck it an advance. The system works this way: the sooner you book a truck the more likely your order will be honored when you want it. Keep in mind that if you have a lot of stuff to move you should hire a moving truck the day before you leave this way you can get everything you need and give yourself a chance to rest.

Before you get settled into your new home chance the address from all your documents. Change your old address with your new one from your credit cards, bank account, insurances or loans. The key is to do this before you move into your new place because this way you won’t forget.

Since you plan on moving in two weeks you need to clear everything form your rooms, cabinets, basements and pantries. Two weeks before you move start putting things into boxes. If there are thing which you do not need and do not want to take them to your new place simply put them in boxes and throw them away or donate them. Keep only what you need on a day to day basis like: toothpaste and toothbrush, soap, towels, shampoo and some clothes.

Gather all the things which you want to take to your new home and make a separate pile with thing which you no longer need and give them away. The boxes which have not been given away should be taken in a room so that you can cleat out the rest on the rooms. Disassemble all the furniture and place it near the other boxes this will make your job easier when the movers come to unload the truck.

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