The HBG Health Risk Appraisal: A baseline for building a better company.

Who among us hasn’t taken a good hard look in the mirror and wanted to do something about what they saw? It’s only natural. But with the proper guidance, this can be a completely healthy impulse that can yield positive results—positive because good health is better for everyone.

The first step towards a positive company-wide transformation is the HBG Health Risk Appraisal (HRA). The HRA helps employers get a handle on healthcare benefits one employee at a time and was developed in conjunction with the University of Michigan Health Management Research Center (UM-HMRC).

One of the leading voices in the study of corporate wellness, the UM-HMRC has conducted research over the past 25 years that includes findings from over 2 million people. This unprecedented knowledge base helps HBG to put individuals and employers on a proven pathway towards better health, sustainable healthcare cost control and increased productivity.

How the HRA process actually works
Once a business becomes an HBG-participating employer, HBG member employees, spouses and adult dependents start a 15-minute online HBG Health Risk Assessment powered by the University of Michigan Health Management Research Center.

Your HRA includes your individual height, weight, waist circumference, blood pressure and cholesterol. You’ll receive a unique username and password and have 45-60 days to complete the full assessment.

Once the HRA is completed, members then receive an HBG Personal Health Profile. 60 days later, HBG then releases a comprehensive analysis of the company’s overall health status, with subsequent reports each year that track and analyze key trends.


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