With the world changing, what seems to be business attire before is now casual attire; one thing is for sure though, the suit will always be accepted as formal business attire regardless. Wearing a nice looking suit to work everyday will not only make you look like a true business man, but your boss might notice it too and perhaps maybe even give you a promotion if you work hard enough. The best suit colors would fall between khaki, a light or dark shade of gray, or the classic navy blue color. Black, while once considered too formal for a job, would probably be acceptable these days.

The first step in getting a suit is to decide on a jacket style. When considering a jacket style, think of your body type; if you are a rather skinny man then a double breasted jacket would probably be for the best. The reason being is that a double breasted jacked will add some bulk or volume to the body; the jacked will hang down in an awkward fashion if not kept buttoned. If you are a bit bigger than skinny, then a single breasted jacket may be the best option. Two-button, three-button or four-button jackets are available, but a two-button single breasted jacket seems to be the most popular.

The next step is to choose a good fabric pattern and color. A traditional weave is always good, but if you choose to get a fabric that is patterned, make sure that when you wear the jacket, the pattern will line of at the lapel seams and shoulders without looking awkwardly placed. The type of fabric is equally as important, if you are looking for a suit to wear just for the summertime, then cotton or linen fabrics would probably be the best choice. If you are looking to buy a suit to wear all year, in any season, then a worsted wool (high-quality) fabric would be the best option there. The main rule of thumb here is to stay away from fabrics that yield entirely too much polyester; fabrics with too much polyester will make your suit look cheap while at the same time, not breathing as well as other fabrics would. Make sure that when you crinkle the fabric up, it bounces back into its original shape rather than staying wrinkled up.

Now you will need to select a style of pants that suits your needs. If you want a more formal appearance while still being able to move, then go for pleats. If you want to appear more slimmed down than usual, then go with some flat-front pants. If you are trying to keep it formal, cuffed pant legs will do this, while at the same time adding additional weight to the suit and making the your legs seem a bit shorter. Your legs will seem longer if your pants are un-cuffed but will also look a little informal. You want the pants to fit right, by fitting around your waist and not your hips. The pants should also be long enough so that your socks do not make an appearance when you walk; but not too long, you do not want the bottom of your pants dragging on the ground.

Now you are going to want to focus back on the jacket. Put it on, make sure that the collar shows around a quarter inch of your shirt collar while at the same time, staying flat against your neck. Now move down to the shoulders, make sure that they are just right, not appearing too boxy or too rounded off. Now we move even further down to the sleeves, make sure that the sleeves end up being placed around five inches from the tip of your thumb, this should also allow for a quarter inch to a half inch of your shirt cuff. Now all you got to do is take a seat and make sure that the jacket does not bunch up anywhere while at the same time, being comfortable.

If you follow the above mentioned criteria, then you should be on your way to owning a brand new suit. Now you will have a perfect suit that you can use for job interviews, the actual job or anything else that may pop up that requires you to wear a formal suit. If the above mentioned criteria are followed completely, then you should have a suit that fits perfect and looks perfect too so go on out to your formal wear shop and get you a new suit.

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